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The Joyous Spirit Of Holiday Giving To Our Toy Drive This Year Is Contagious

Since our party last week, we received approximately 2,700 toy donations! The Christmas donation toys have filled our living room, dining room, and study!

"Getting into the toy drive holiday giving season is easy at "Kidzz Helping Kidzz headquarters." Our amazing team of Kidzz Helping Kidzz volunteers showed up in full force today to label and box the Christmas toy drive toys.

We received puzzles, games, sports equipment, stuffed animals, science kits, art supplies, books, and more.

Some toys are so large they cannot fit into a box (e.g. bikes)! I am not sure how we did it, but we were able to label and box over 3,000 toys today in under 3 hours!

We even received Christmas toy donations during our party! Currently, we can confidently say we will be bringing joy to at least 3,763 children who are at a Puget Sound area hospital this Christmas.

The joyous spirit of holiday giving this year to our toy drive is contagious. Yesterday, we received Christmas toy donations near me from participating schools in our community.

We were completely caught by surprise when we learned of one school that was giving this Christmas to our toy drive. A teacher from that school sent us a picture of over 200 donated Christmas gifts that they had collected!

Tomorrow we will be receiving Christmas toy donations near me collected by many of the churches in our community. On Monday, we will pick up all of our remaining toy donation box near me from the community.

We made over 100 Christmas toy drive donation boxes this year for our toy drive near me. Once the toy donation box near me was distributed, volunteers drove to each site weekly to collect the donated toys for Christmas, count the Christmas donation toys, and deliver them to us.

Also, since our last Christmas toy drive sorting party, we have received many phone calls and emails from families wanting to support our holiday giving efforts! Most live in the Puget sound region, but some live out of state!

We greatly appreciate the kindness and generosity of everyone who has supported our efforts. Together, we will be brightening the lives of thousands of children in the hospital at Christmas time!"

Our first Christmas donation toy drive several years ago consisted of having just four toy donation collection boxes in the Kitsap County community.

We are now fulfilling requests of over 100 toy drive boxes near me!

We greatly appreciate the support of our community! Please consider supporting Kidzz Helping Kidzz by donating toys, time or money to our cause.

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