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Look Inside Our 2023 Toy Drive & The Compassionate Volunteers Bringing Joy to Hospitalized Children

A joyful group of children sorting through boxes of toys, preparing for the Toy Drive 2023 with smiles on their faces, embodying the spirit of kidzz helping kidzz.

As the holiday season approaches, the Kidzz Helping Kidzz nonprofit organization is gearing up its annual Toy Drive. Each year, we strive to brighten the lives of children spending their holidays in Puget Sound area hospitals. With the support of our dedicated volunteers and generous community, we aim to make a difference in the lives of at least 5000 children. Join us in spreading joy and making a meaningful impact by donating to our Toy Drive.

Meet Our November Rising Star: Paige Devey

Rising Star Award Winner for November 2023; Paige Devey of Kidzz Helping Kidzz

Each month, we recognize an exceptional youth from our Kidzz Helping Kidzz Advisory Board as our "Rising Star." This November, we celebrate Paige Devey for her outstanding contributions to our organization. Paige has been an active member for the past three years, assisting in building toy collection boxes, labeling and sorting toys, and delivering them to hospitals. With her infectious laughter and kind-hearted nature, Paige brings joy to every situation. Moreover, she is a talented artist. Take a look at some of her incredible artwork.

Getting the Toy Collection Boxes Ready

A snapshot of a decorated drop-off location for toys, encouraging community involvement in toy drop off near me and emphasizing the importance of contributing to kidzz helping kidzz.

With November already upon us, we are thrilled to announce that we have 102 toy collection boxes ready to be distributed throughout Kitsap County on November 17. Our team of four volunteer Uhaul drivers will embark on a mission to place these boxes in local businesses, coffee shops, medical offices, schools, and churches. We invite you to join us by filling these boxes with new, unused toys.

Labeling, Sorting, and Boxing Donated Toys

In addition to distributing the toy collection boxes, we have been hard at work labeling, sorting, and boxing the toys we have already received. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Kitsap County community, we have received a staggering 2007 toys so far. This means we will be able to bring joy to nearly 2007 children spending their holidays in local hospitals. However, our goal is to brighten the lives of at least 5000 children, so please continue to donate toys and help us reach our target.

The dedicated "Kidzz" from our Kidzz Helping Kidzz Advisory Board recently gathered at our warehouse to count, sort, label, and box the donated toys. We are incredibly grateful to St. Michael Medical Center for generously providing us with warehouse space once again this year, which has made our work much more efficient. Before the toys are boxed, each one is labeled with our Kidzz Helping Kidzz sticker. This not only helps us keep track of the toys but also allows the children who receive them to learn about our youth-led nonprofit charity organization and the amazing work we do.

Delivering Joy to Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers During Toy Drive 2023

Children and adults happily donating stuffed animals, underscoring the compassion behind the act and the joy that comes with donate stuffed animals.

After carefully boxing up the toys, we reached out to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital to inquire whether we could deliver the toys a few weeks earlier this year. They were thrilled with the idea, as it would give them more time to ensure that the toys reach the ill children during the holiday season. We are excited to share some pictures of our recent delivery to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Not only will these toys bring smiles to the faces of children at the hospital, but they will also be sent to the emergency rooms of Multicare outpatient clinics in Tacoma.

Jane at Kaiser is seen in the picture, enjoying the cuddly friends.

We also had the pleasure of speaking with Kaiser in Silverdale, who expressed their enthusiasm for distributing some of our stuffed animals to sick kids in their urgent care. Jane at Kaiser is seen in the picture, enjoying the cuddly friends we provided. Jamie Pacello-Paraz, Manager at the Kaiser in Silverdale, expressed her gratitude, stating, "Thank you for the donation of stuffed animals. I have shared them with the other Kitsap clinics, and they have brought cheer to kiddos receiving immunizations, speech and physical therapy appointments, and more."

A Special Donation: Crocheted Stuffed Animals by Dawn Fisher

Dawn Fisher volunteers yearly crocheting beautiful stuffed animal toys for kidzz helping kidzz to help brighten the lives of ill children in the hospital.

Each year, we are fortunate to receive a donation from Dawn Fisher. She spends the entire year crocheting beautiful stuffed animal toys specifically for our annual Toy Drive. The dedication and love she puts into creating these toys is truly remarkable. Take a look at this picture of Dawn with just a few of the stuffed animals she made for our 2023 Toy Drive. We are incredibly grateful for her contribution, as these unique toys bring even more joy to the children in our community.

Spreading Joy and Building a Sense of Community

A group of enthusiastic volunteers creating a festive atmosphere at the toy drive headquarters, capturing the spirit of holiday giving and spreading joy to the community.

There is an undeniable "buzz" and excitement that accompanies our efforts to brighten the lives of kids in the hospital during Christmas. Whether it's through toy donations or the invaluable time and support of volunteers from our community, we are constantly reminded of the kindness and generosity that surrounds us. Our Toy Drives not only provide toys to ill children but also foster a sense of community through the act of coming together for a common cause. We are already feeling that special "buzz" and excitement, and we sincerely appreciate everyone who contributes to the success of our Toy Drives.

Calling All Volunteers

A heartwarming scene of children in front of toy donation collection boxes with donated toys, symbolizing the collective effort in kidzz helping kidzz during the holiday season.

If you are a kid who wants to make a difference, we invite you to join us in counting, sorting, labeling, and boxing the toys. Fill out a contact form on our website to get involved. We are also in need of a volunteer photographer and videographer who can capture the heartwarming moments of our Toy Drive. Your support is invaluable, and together, we can bring joy and happiness to children in need. Thank you for your unwavering support of our Kidzz Helping Kidzz Toy Drive. We eagerly await your participation!


As the holiday season approaches, let us join hands to make a difference in the lives of children spending their holidays in hospitals. Through our Toy Drive, we hope to bring joy, happiness, and a sense of community to those in need. With the support of our amazing volunteers and the generosity of our community, we can brighten the lives of thousands of children. Donate to our Toy Drive, become a volunteer, or share our cause with others. Together, we can make this holiday season truly special for those who need it the most.

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