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In-Person Kids Chat Game Night Was A Blast

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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We had our first in person Kidzz Helping Kidzz "Kids Chat" game night last night. Our program Kids Chat first started in March, 2020.

We were all at home unable to go out as a result of COVID.

We wanted to develop a program that could connect kids at home all over the country and help with issues of social isolation.

family entertainment kidzzhelpingkidzz

We wanted to keep the mood “light" by playing games and introducing topics of conversation that were fun for the kids.

Kids Chat game night was a blast!

Initially we met twice a week but over time, the kids decided they wanted to continue Kids Chat one evening each week.

They also wanted to focus more on playing fun games as opposed to having topics of conversation.

family game night kidzzhelpingkidzz

Since 2020, attendance has continued to be strong among kids in our local area in Washington State but dropped among kids in other parts of the country due to time change issues, in-person learning and other activities.

With the start of a New Year, we decided to try "in person" Kids Chat as a game night.

Last night, several kids joined us at our home to play the family entertainment board game "Cranium"! This is a fabulous game that promotes teamwork and Includes elements of drawing, spelling, singing, and acting into a family game night idea.

The kids had a wonderful time!

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We had two teams that were formed by the kids pulling numbers out of a hat. Right away, team members ascertained their individual strengths and areas of weakness.

Kids with artistic ability took the lead in drawing, those with ability to keep a tune were in charge of singing, kids who are good spellers or good at trivia were assigned specific categories having to do with their family game night skills.

family entertainment near me kidzzhelpingkidzz

The kids came to this naturally, on their own seeing how they could benefit from working together on their team. The 90 minutes of playing "Cranium" went by so quickly.

We were not able to finish the game, but the kids enthusiastically asked to come back next month to play one of the best games for game night.

family game night ideas kidzzhelpingkidzz

One of the boys from our Advisory Board offered to bring the family entertainment game “Search history" which he felt would be a good game night idea.

Not only was the evening filled with laughter and fun, it also allowed the kids an opportunity to sit amongst one another and enjoy partnering to play the family game night game. They also enjoyed brownies and popcorn.

best games for family game night kidzzhelpingkidzz

I never knew these kids could eat so much!

We agreed we would expand the time for Kids Chat game night starting next month. We will be meeting the second Saturday each month from 6-8 PM.

family home entertainment kidzzhelpingkidzz

Please contact us here if you are interested in joining the fun.

We would love to hear from you!

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