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Food Drive To Remember: Kidzz Helping Kidzz And Bremerton Backpack Brigade Feeding Hungry Kids

Kidzz Helping Kidzz joined forces with the Bremerton Backpack Brigade to support a local food drive this weekend to continue feeding hungry kids.

The Bremerton Backpack Brigade is a wonderful nonprofit organization that operates a food pantry donations within the Bremerton school district. Over 65% of the students enrolled in Bremerton elementary schools are on the subsidized lunch program.

Due to homelessness, financial struggles, and an array of other issues prevalent today, food scarcity is a common problem and for some, school meals may be the only meals that child receives all day.

And for others, the food provided by the school is often the most nutritious meal that child will receive that day.

For years, kids from the Kidzz Helping Kidzz advisory board have been helping the Bremerton Backpack Brigade by packing backpacks with practical kid friendly foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, shelf-stable milk and juice.

Those backpacks are then delivered to the schools, where the staff discreetly distributes them to the students enrolled in the program.

The students return the backpacks to their school on Mondays, to be picked up and refilled for the following weekend.

This was the first feed the hungry Bremerton Backpack Brigade community food drive since 2019 due to COVID and we were extremely happy to help!

The food drive took place at our local Bremerton Fred Meyer store, a popular food donation drop off near me. The kids from our advisory board and some of our adult volunteers helped during the food donation drop off and food pantry donations.

It was amazing to see how many members from our Kitsap community donated so many bags of food! As the kids from Kidzz Helping Kidzz were filling up grocery carts with food donation drop offs, adult volunteers drove cars filled with food back to the Bremerton Backpack Brigade to drop off food pantry donations.

The kids from our Advisory Board loved helping out. They enjoyed meeting new people and expressed how good it felt to help feed the hungry families that are in need.

If you have a kid (or are one yourself) please contact us here to learn more about participating in one of our programs that makes a difference in the lives of other kids and families.

The Bremerton Backpack Brigade is always in need of volunteer help as well.

You can learn more about their work and how to donate food at

It is always an honor to work with them to help solve food scarcity for families and children in need.

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