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Christmas Toy Drive 2021 Is Kicking Off The Holiday Giving In A Hope-filled Way

Our annual toy donation, toy drive is underway and the road to holiday giving this year is paved with hope.

We had our second toy donation collection box decorating party and decided to change our boxes to improve readability of the poster. With the current placement of the poster, an adult has to bend down to see it.

We decided to add an additional poster on top of the box to make it easier for anyone to quickly glance at the box and learn about our toy drive and how to contact us.

Unfortunately, our vision of adding height to the toy donation collection boxes was somewhat of a disaster. We taped the poster against cardboard and then tried to tape it to the sign "Donate toys to Kids in the Hospital".

The poster was much easier to read at this new height, but it was flimsy and we feared it would fall over. Then one of the "Kidzz" on our Advisory Board decided that if we had wood to put against the back of the box, it would offer it more support.

Rhandel, our Board Vice President, ran out to Lowes and we continued to tape the posters to the box until he arrived back. After cutting the word, we stapled it to the back of the posters which added support.

This method seemed to work and celebrated by eating chicken nuggets and dancing to music by Dua Lipa (Zach's favorite). Holiday giving will be complete.

After stapling the wood to the boxes, we then realized that we were about 30 posters short.

This was so discouraging because we would not be able to complete all of our Christmas donation boxes today.

We are certain that we will only need one more team effort to complete the requested 93 toy donation collection boxes. We agreed to regroup next Saturday afternoon.

With our 2021 toy drive unexpectedly doubling in size since 2019, we have had to pivot, adjust our plans, and regroup to accomplish each of the holiday giving necessary tasks. We have struggled with feelings of excitement and overwhelm at the same time.

Our first Christmas donation toy drive several years ago consisted of having just four toy donation collection boxes in the Kitsap County community.

We are now fulfilling requests of over 93 toy drive boxes near me!

We really need a Kidzz Helping Kidzz warehouse for next year! We never imagined our toy drive could nearly double in size from our last toy drive in 2019.

We greatly appreciate the support of our community! Please consider supporting Kidzz Helping Kidzz by donating toys, time or money to our cause.

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